Landing Page Designing

Landing Page Designing

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What Does a Landing Page Do?

Good landing pages have specific benefits that set them apart from a business website and make them an effective lead generating and marketing tool.

Direct Business Goals

One of the main benefits of landing pages is that they directly support your business goals such reaching a new niche market, promoting a new product, getting new customers, or closing more sales. Landing pages benefit your business because they can be catered to the specific audience or goal you are targeting, and allow you to measure success with relation to that goal.

Increase Conversions

Just as your website contains information that influences a visitor’s decision to take action, a good landing page will do the same. A landing page sets up a clear action for users to take and makes it as easy as possible for them to take that action. This is known as your call to action. As a result, you will see more of that action being taken (also known as conversion).

Data and Insights

When you link a landing page to a specific campaign, piece of content, action, or source, you can see which channels are bringing in the most leads, which topics and offerings are of most interest, or which campaigns are the highest performing. Tracking user behavior is one of the best practices for landing pages that can produce valuable insights. These types of insights can help you refine your knowledge of your target audience and your campaign strategies, and improve your effectiveness overall.

Improve Paid Search Campaigns

A successful Search Engine Marketing or paid search campaign depends on click through rates, and click through rates are influenced by landing pages. For example, you may use a SEM campaign to bid on keywords to have your business show up when someone searches “interior designer” into a search engine. The link from that ad could be your website homepage or a subpage on your site, but that will only get people to your website.

Increase Credibility

Since landing pages are focused on one particular task, objective, or path for a user, you can optimize the content and elements of the landing page to facilitate that task as much as possible. When a user feels like their course of action is clear and you are helping them to achieve that course of action, they recognize that you understand their problems and have put thought into creating the best process for solving them.

Improve Brand Awareness

This will benefit your business by enhancing the consistency of your branding across multiple forms of media, and giving users more opportunities to recognize and engage with your brand. When someone lands on your landing page, they’ll be more familiar with your business’s branding and more likely to recognize your business again. Since customers are more likely to make a purchase or use a service from a business they know, it’s important to make sure they remember you.

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